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If you are an IP owner, business, attorney/lawyer or an agent:

  • Looking to issue a cease-and-desist, or are in receipt of one;
  • Facing an expungement / opposition proceeding, or are considering bringing one;
  • Believe your IP (copyright, trademark, and/or trade secrets) may be infringed by someone else;
  • Facing allegations of IP (copyright, trademark, and/or trade secret) infringements;
  • Are looking to settle an IP dispute; and / or
  • Looking for general commercial/IP advice

Please contact us toll free at 1-866-238-1140 or complete our query form below:

Ottawa Office

Gladwin Business Park
2212 Gladwin Crescent,
Building B, Unit B4
Ottawa, ON
K1B 5N1

P: 613.238.1140
F: 613.238.5181

Map / Directions

Toronto Office

First Canadian Place
100 King Street West
Suite 5700
Toronto, ON

Please direct all courier deliveries, letter mail, and personal service documents to the Ottawa Office.

P: 647.496.0313
F: 647.496.0315

Map / Directions

Ottawa Office Hours

Monday – Friday | 9am to 5pm EST
Note: Meetings outside of regular business hours can be made by request, depending on the professional’s availability.



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